About Amazing Tape

                 It’s tape. But it’s not!

So clean.
(No adhesive)

So strong.
(Durable, permanent, yet infinitely repositionable)

So easy to use.
(Just stretch and press)

 It’s Patented.

Straight from the roll, it wraps securely to itself.
Just stretch and press!

Amazing TapeTM is patented (United States Patent #6230711) – it is not a tape, it is a wrap.

Amazing TapeTM is a multipurpose glueless securement means for fastening/sealing applications which traditionally are accomplished by the use of a disposable adhesive bearing tape/or a disposable tape utilizing mechanical fastening devices.

More particularly, the invention relates to the use of a high tensile strength polyvinyl chloride (PVC) strip which possesses self-adhesive properties and can be reused virtually indefinitely. Due to the unique chemical properties of the invention it has a wide range of useful applications for traditional
sealing or binding applications.