Suggested Uses


100’s Of Uses. 100’s Of Times.

  • Bundle wires and cords
  • Garden hose repair
  • Sport and tool grips
  • Temporary plumbing repair
  • Temporary AC hose repair
  • Air vents
  • Protects against corrosion and UV damage
  • Holding/clamping glued parts
  • Keep thread, fishing line and twine neat and untangled



Keep in tool box and glove compartment for emergency temporary repair of:

  • Radiator Hoses
  • Air Hoses
  • Air Conditioning Lines
  • Great permanent, durable, AND repositionable solution for
  • Wire Bundling/Protection
  • Ideal alternative to harsh bungee cords when wrapping bundles!   

Bundling       HeavyCordsTape       Repair       TightFlexible



Don’t place that service call – Hugo’s Amazing Tape does it all!
Perfectly designed for home projects, maintenance and organization:

  • Dishwasher Hoses
  • Dryer Vents
  • Washing Machine Drain Hoses
  • Vacuum Cleaner Hoses
  • Garden Hoses and Fittings
  • Holiday lights
  • Gardening
  • Use in microwave and freezer

We do not suggest using the Amazing Tape to wrap pressurized water lines.

ChaosBeforeTape       SerenityAfterTape       HardwareTape2      LightStrandsTape


Amazing Tape is the ideal organization tool for office, desk, and briefcase.
Ideal for the following:

  • Bundle documents and files without indentation from rubber bands or binder clips
  • Power cords for computers and mobile devices stay organized
  • Hold books open
  • Bundle AND protect note cards

OfficeCordsBefore       OfficeCordsAfter      CordsTape      SmallPiecesTape

Crafting and Needleworks

Amazing Tape …create to your hearts content with confidence that your items will stay untangled and organized!  Use when you want to:

  • Keep thread or yard from unraveling
  • Stack and hold paper or fabric with no adhesive residue
  • Protect precious memories
  • Bundle/protect brushes and tools

ThreadTape       UnrulyYarnTape      OrchidTape     WrappingPaperTape

Boating and Water Sports

Amazing Tape is THE quick fix at the dock!
Used for:

  • Water Hoses
  • Drainage Lines
  • Rigging
  • Wiring
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Boat Rails

HoseTape       WireSpoolWCaption      CordsTape     Marine